Single Site ®. da Vinci left Pyeloplasty our preliminary experience and evaluation

Filippo Annino1, Tiziano Verdacchi1, Luigi Quaresima1, Valentina Giommoni1, Saba Khorrami1, Giuseppe Romano1, Michele De Angelis1
  • 1 Ospedale San Donato, AUSL 8, U.O.C. Urologia (Arezzo)


Recently the Single Site daVinci ® system (SSdV) has been introduced to overcome some of thé limits of LESS and Single port procedures. It allows the triangulation of the instruments by crossing the instruments however the instrument are reassigned by the software allowing the right arm to control left instrument that visually in the field is on the right side.
We show our firs SSdV case on a left UPJ (Ureteropyeloplasty) case.
A SSdV left UPJ is performed in a 29 years old man with a crossing vessel UPJ sindrome.
The patient is the placed in a lombotomic position.
A transmesocolic access is performed and a Anderson Hynes Pyeloplasty is achieved using a 4/0 monocryl suture.
A duble J stent is left in place for 1 month.
Operative time was 180 minutes.
Patient was discharged at day 2 and with uneventful hospitalization.
Cosmetic and functional results at 3 and 6 months are excellent.
In our opinion SSdV is an effective surgical procedure. The SSdV allows comfortable dissection and suture even if in a single port with crossing instruments situation.
A future introduction of Endowrist instruments will be interesting for application of the technique in more complex procedures.